IMG_3166Hey Everyone!  You are probably here because I have touched, inspired, or helped you in some way… or you believe in my mission and want to to help!  Together we will help Catholics encounter Christ in a life-changing way, especially our young people who are walking away from the faith in droves with little hope of return.  Our mission is to help Catholics know, love, and live their faith with purpose and passion! This ministry exists to be the spark that sets our faith and our Church on fire!

The best way to support this ministry is by PARTEON! (Where full details of my ministry and my goals are provided).  I am looking for people who share my vision of bringing back our youth and of firing up Catholics in their faith. If you share this vision, please join my team and help support this ministry in its epic mission of saving souls and changing lives for Christ, of reaching out to the lost and inspiring the found, of bringing light and love to those in need, and setting the Church ablaze. This is the heart of it! Together, we can directly reach many souls now and in the future! But, I need your help and cannot do it without you!

For just $1 a day or less, you could aid this mission in bringing people back to faith, back to God, and back to church – and to help educate, inspire, train, and equip those who already believe, and to set our faith and our church on fire!

To support my ministry in its work and for full details, please visit my Patreon page… Click here

And thank you!!!