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Can you hear the call?? Our church has lost her identity. People are walking away from the faith in droves, especially our young people! Our churches are closing; priests are in demand, and the scandals!!!

It’s time that we stop sitting around silently! It’s time we start fighting back. It’s time to reform our church! It’s time to bring the dead back to life and the wayward back home. It’s time to educate, catechize, train, equip, inspire, heal, plant, grow, and harvest once again. Our goal is to help Catholics to know, love and live their Catholic faith with purpose and passion every day, to personally encounter Jesus Christ, and to have a deep and abiding relationship with Him. We also seek to reach our young people, teens and young adults, a segment of the population that has all but abandoned the faith. Will you help us to reach them and countless others?

We are fervent and passionate about our work and the challenges we face which will be accomplished through a variety of means including: life-changing retreats, YouTube and social media, audio and visual, podcasts, blogs, books and literature, conferences, online-trainings, workshops, evangelization initiatives, youth and young adult ministry, and more. Through these same means, we also seek to reach out to the lost and to those who have left the church, grown lukewarm, or have lost faith altogether.


This is why we need your help. We are looking for people who see the problem, are concerned, and wish to be part of the solution. This ministry cannot exist without generous souls to join our team and to help us grow and expand. Patreon is different than other platforms as it offers continuous monthly support which enables us to work, grow, and provide a plethora of outreach opportunities. Your support of $50, $100, $500 or more a month, or whatever the Lord inspires you to give, would help us immensely. This is the easiest and most helpful way for our ministry to operate. Please see tiers to the right, or down below if on a phone.

However, occasionally, some people prefer to donate a large sum once a year, or to give bi-yearly, or quarterly. Others prefer to help fund certain projects. These options are perfectly viable. Please email us at: for these options.

Without support, we cannot exist and do the work of God. Once you join our team, you become a Patron, a part of the work of God, and you have a direct hand in helping to reach souls and make a difference for Christ.

Please be as generous as possible! We are not feeding hungry children in Africa. Rather, Catholic Truth works to feed, nourish, and sustain souls – young and old, rich and poor, Catholic and non-Catholic, believers and unbelievers alike in our country and around the world.

Help us create a spark to set our Church on fire!

If you would like more information, see below. Support tiers are to the right (or below if on your phone). Thank you, and God bless you.



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