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I am launching a full-time ministry in apologetics and evangelization so I can reach countless more souls over the next 15 years than have been reached over the last 15.  God knows we need to reach our youth, those who have fallen away from the Church in droves, and inspire and train the next generation of Catholics. This is why my ministry exists! To be the spark that sets our faith, our Church, and our world on fire!  For that fire to spread far and wide, we need your support in this epic mission of saving souls and changing lives!

Find out more at at Patreon, our support page which will provide you with the full details of the ministry, plans, and goals. If you share this vision of reaching out to the lost and inspiring, training, and equipping the found, please visit our support page by clicking the Patreon picture above or below.  It can’t hurt to just look, right? : )