Endorsements (Adults)

Bryan Mercier is a Catholic speaker, retreat leader, and apologist. He is a parishioner in good standing at St. Mary’s Church in Milford, CT. ~Archbishop Henry J. Mansell

“My goodness! I cannot even describe to you what an incredible talk that was! Wow. When you invite someone to speak, you never know what you will get, but your talk was unbelievable. You wowed everyone, and you brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t even tell you.  It was just amazing, perfectly timed, perfectly delivered, and what an impact you made. Everyone has been raving about it, and I have heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive reviews!”

“I wanted to tell you that I am pretty old, and I have been around. I have heard a lot of speakers in my time, and this was the best talk I have ever heard in my life. You are the real deal, and I hope your message gets to spread far and wide. God bless you.”

“Bryan, this retreat changed my life!!  You were amazing!  Your talks were so interesting and so dynamic.  The whole weekend was so powerful that I really can’t put into words what a change it has made in my life.  Thank you so much!  I will keep checking your website for other retreats you are doing in the area.”

“Bryan, Your talk on The Pathway to Love was GREAT!!!! I loved every part of it. I asked my friend to run over quickly to grab me your CD before they were all gone. I listened to it 3x while in my travels so far. It too is great.  I started listening to your other CD “The Challenge of being Catholic” and I absolutely love it.  I can relate to it so much and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Thank you for being an inspiration of the Faith!!!!”

“Your talk at the MA. Men’s Conference was awesome.  You brought down the house!!  Your talk was even better than the cardinal’s.  Everyone loved it, and I have already been hearing positive feedback from men who were touched by it.  We most certainly will have you back for next year’s conference.”

“Bryan, I have to tell you that the retreat you gave this weekend in PA. transformed my life.  There are literally no words to describe how powerful this retreat was.  There are no words to describe the whole experience and how it has profoundly impacted me.  I usually wake up a 4:30AM every morning because I can’t sleep, but this morning, I almost slept through your first talk. This was the first time in a very long time that I have been at peace, and I cannot thank you enough for this.  For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling direction in my life and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Bryan was absolutely wonderful this past Friday for our men’s retreat.  He was outstanding and touched a lot of souls.   We loved the energy and deep faith you put into the talk, and we have heard a lot of great feedback from the men.  Once again, thanks so much for sharing your deep faith with us and please let me know when your book comes out.”

“Bryan, my wife and I wanted to thank you for your excellent retreat on how to “Live Holy in an Unholy World.” You really provided and articulated many great insights.  We were both very pleased and blessed by attending your presentation.  We wish you great and continuing success in your ministry.”

“I have invited Bryan to speak to many audiences, both young and old. He is a very prayerful man who loves his Catholic faith and has been given a gift to share it. With regard to speaking to teens and young people, Bryan is fantastic! Bryan is modern and current in his presentation style, yet faithful to the completely Catholic faith at the same time. Teens seem to enjoy how he explains the Catholic faith to them. He somehow is able to successfully blend the language of the kids and the teachings of the Catholic Church at the same time. He also speaks to adults and young adults and is always received in an incredibly positive and enthusiastic way.  They just love what he has to say.  For those looking for a speaker to talk to adults or teens, I absolutely recommend Bryan.”

“I just wanted to let you know that this retreat was so amazing, wonderful, powerful, and transformative.  I already called home and told my husband about it.  I wish I could take you back to my home parish.  You are your wife are such a blessing and a beautiful witness to our Lord.”

“Bryan’s presentation was awesome! Everything he spoke about was so on point.  We really liked his personal journey and on how he changed and moved closer to God.  What really struck me was that heaven has to be a goal in our lives and not just a nice thought in our minds.  My teens loved the explanation about how Jesus came to save us, etc.  Bryan was terrific, especially the way he made Jesus’ love for us so personal.”

“Thank you for your amazing and inspirational sharing and witnessing. You’ve been an incredible blessing to our group and I thank Jesus for your gift, for your talents, your spirit, and your joy!”

“I thought Bryan was the best speaker we have had at our church this school year.  He presented enough of information to keep the adults engaged but did it in a format that the teens also understood.  Bryan was a wonderful speaker, and we enjoyed this one very much.”

“This spiritual retreat was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!  I didn’t have any expectations coming into it, but it blew away any expectations that I would have had.  Everything was fantastic!  May God continue to bless you and your ministry.”

“Bryan, what an absolutely amazing and incredible retreat.  The power of the Holy Spirit was surely present. I have never seen kids pray so long and so fervently.  It was all amazing; thank you for coming and we will definitely be bringing you back next year.”

“Thank you so, so, so much for this whole retreat weekend you have given us.  It has been SUCH a gift!  God worked powerfully through your talks and through the prayer service.  I especially loved your talk on how to pray and connect with God.  It was so informative and helpful, something that is so important and not spoken on so often.”

“I attended the Catholic Men’s Conference this past Saturday for the first time. It was awesome! What a fantastic group of speakers. I was particularly impressed with Bryan Mercier’s powerful presentation, that as Catholic men we need to really show our faith, and know our faith, to be an effective witness to the world, of God’s grace, open to all through the love of Jesus Christ!. Bryan’s talk was energizing and uplifting. I recommend this conference. It’s made a wonderful difference in my life.”

“Great job Bryan!  You (and the Holy Spirit) hit the ball out of the park.  It was such a pleasure to be part of the retreat with you!”

“Thank you again for coming and speaking to our 8th Grade Confirmation parents, teaching them how to answer their teens questions.  You did a great job, and I have heard nothing but positive reviews.”

“The speaker was excellent!  His message came across clearly that we need to strive for heaven every day and that has to be our goal.  He made it more real for us by showing the photos of heaven on the screen.  Also very powerful was how he personally experienced God and how God can work in our lives too.  His life is much more positive now thanks to God, and he inspired us to be better Catholics.”

“You are a deeply spiritual and faith-filled Catholic Christian, on fire with love for the faith. That truly is awesome. Moreover, God has gifted you with a stunning, infectious charisma, that enables you to convey the truths of our faith in such a manner that people who listen to you cannot help but to desire to become a better Catholic!  It is truly awesome!  I will be praying for you and your ministry.”

“I have also had the privilege of working with Bryan in many adult and young adult events. He has an amazing grasp of the Catholic faith, and a great ability to present it to adults. He has a command of multiple topics and themes, and was always received well by every audience to whom he spoke. Bryan is already a national speaker to teen, young adult, and adult audiences, and I am completely confident that his name will be listed among the most effective national speakers in years to come.”

“Thank you so much for speaking at our church the other day.  I was very moved by you, and inspired to live a life closer to God.  I hope I have the opportunity to hear you again.

“Bryan, you are such an incredibly blessed and anointed speaker. Every talk you give is amazing, informative and interesting.  I literally could listen to you speak and teach all day.  You present everything in such a way that it just speaks to my heart in a real way.  I told my husband he needs to hear you too.  Can’t wait to hear you in the future.”

“I highly recommend Bryan with great pleasure and enthusiasm for any speaking engagements! I hosted a retreat for young adults in Charlottesville, Virginia. This group had requested a revival weekend on “What it meant to be a Catholic.” I couldn’t think of a better speaker to ask to host this event.  I was amazed at the faith and talent Bryan had to proclaim the Gospel. Following the retreat, I received many complements from the participants regarding his eloquent presentation of the gospels and deep faith. One of the women said to me, “I have been a Catholic for 30 years, and this is the first time that I have ever felt my faith was explained to me.” Many Catholics on this retreat were born into the faith, but had never really had Catholicism explained. Bryan’s knowledge of Catholic theology and apologetics was evident in his presentations and interactions with the group. I was very thankful that the retreat was such a success, and I owe a huge part of my gratification to him.”

“Bryan was just amazing. The reminder of Jesus’ suffering for us is something I personally cannot be reminded of enough.  He suggested that instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, that we could pray every day or give up gossip.  Wonderful.  To me, he really painted vivid pictures of what Jesus went through for us.  His whole talk was very moving and I really will try to keep God more actively in my daily thoughts.”

“The Connecticut Catholic Men’s Conference warmly received Bryan Mercier as a speaker in 2013 and had him back again in 2014.  His presentation style was enthusiasm personified.  He engaged us with an honest assessment of his younger days when he was a distressed youth searching for his purpose.  Now unabashed in his faith, he tackles every Catholic topic fearlessly. And, watching him answer the hard questions that test our faith will reveal to you that Bryan is following God’s plan.  Any group thinking of hiring him can choose from among the many topics he speaks on.  I fully endorse him as a talented speaker and presenter.”

“Bryan, your talk on prayer and listening to God helped me so much.  As you said, many of us have been praying mostly the same way for our whole lives and much hasn’t changed in our relationship with God.  This is so true.  No one really taught me how to pray in a real way.  You made everything so practical and understandable.  I also realize that I need to listen a lot more and not talk God’s ear off.  I have already started practicing it this weekend.  I sat out on the grass in the mornings and prayed to God with more focus and I practiced listening too.  It is already starting to change the way I pray and relate to God so THANK YOU.”

“Bryan has done retreats for St. Paul Catholic High School for the past few years and will continue to do them because he is loved by all the students. He is extremely engaging and is very relatable.  He usually begins the retreat with a game to help the kids learn more about him and if time permits there will be games and activities for the students. He will give a talk or a few talks, depending on how long the retreat is, and I can honestly say, the students sit on the edge of their seat when he talks. He includes stories and facts in what he is saying and he doesn’t sugar coat things which I truly think the students appreciate. Even though he is straight forward with Church teaching and life lessons he has so much love for the students so it is very easy for them to receive his message.”

“I have never been to one of your retreat before, and it was wonderful!  Even Father really enjoyed your talk on the existence of God.  The retreat was so inspiring, I can’t get over it.  I was so taken by you that I have talked to Father Michael about bringing you to our parish because your message is so dynamic and reaches everyone in a very real and practical way.”

“Bryan Mercier is enthusiastic for our Lord Jesus and presents his material in a reverent and compassionate way. Bryan is knowledgeable in many areas of the Catholic faith and is effective in presenting to all audiences.”

“Thank you so very much for making the trek down to Jersey to speak with our kids on the wonder of being Catholic and on the greatness of God.  I have reviewed some really good feedback from kids and from parents.  What you do is such a gift; I will continue to pray for your ministry.  It’s not easy to inspire Junior High and Senior High teens of this age group, but you’ve got the gift.  Praise be to God and to you for sharing Him.  Thanks so much!”

“My daughter was impressed by the speaker sharing that he was headed down the path of becoming a “Columbine Kid” and turned his life around as a result of God extending his hand to us.  It’s cool to think about how much God can change someone’s life.  We thought it was a very nice, well-constructed presentation.”

“Dear Bryan, I thought you did a great job for our teens Saturday. The Holy Spirit performed miracles. I hadn’t ever seen teens react like that to Eucharistic adoration like this group did.  There have been a number of parents that have told us that there kid came home from the retreat saying only positive things about their day.  Job well done!”

“Bryan came to speak to our 7th graders as part of their preparation for Confirmation, along with their catechists. Right from the start, he was engaging, dynamic, and he captured the kids’ attention. He was funny and used humor to help make his points. He also made great connections to real life experience by using relatable examples. We heard later that the kids were talking about his presentation on their way home. That is a testament to the fact that he reached their hearts. We would definitely have him back!”

“I can’t say enough about Bryan. He has been an amazing part of our middle school and high school youth programs for several years now. He breaks down any topic you need and reaches the kids at their level. It’s so important to bring in speakers that can relate to youth and get a message across in a way that is easily understandable and relevant to them. Bryan excels at this. He is passionate and knowledgeable about our faith and this comes through in his teachings. We had a reconciliation service for our middle schoolers and Bryan gave a teaching before hand. At the end of the evening, our two guest priests came to me wanting to know who Bryan was. They were very impressed with his presentation!”

“Hey Bryan, thanks for nailing your talk at our men’s night.  We got great feedback from people who really appreciated your message.  We want to support your ministry, for you are super important.  Perhaps, it’s never been more important for guys like you to be witnessing the love and truth of Christ in these times.  Thank you for your passion and clarity in sharing your faith.  Hope to see you again soon.”

“I want to thank you and your wife for a beautiful weekend.  It will always hold a special place in my heart for healing and for the closeness I felt with Jesus the whole weekend.  The Lord means so much to me in my life. You both added your gifts of the Holy Spirit and the weekend blossomed.  Thank you again and May Christ’s love always be with you.”

“Bryan is a fantastic retreat leader! I’m so glad that he was able to be with our group this weekend.”

“Bryan was just amazing. The reminder of Jesus’ suffering for us is something I personally cannot be reminded of enough.  He suggested that instead of giving up chocolate for Lent, that we could pray every day or give up gossip.  Wonderful.  To me, he really painted vivid pictures of what Jesus went through for us.  His whole talk was very moving and I really will try to keep God more actively in my daily thoughts.”

“Bryan’s transformation from going down the path of becoming a “Columbine-like” kid to where he is today really made an impact.   We also liked the idea that Jesus “paid” the price for all of our sins so we could get to heaven. His cross is our “bridge” to heaven, and sacrifice is part of life.”

“Bryan, the retreat night was an awesome night!!  Thank you so much. Thank you for coming out here.  I knew you were going to be good, but wow, the clearly Holy Spirit was working tonight. Praise God that you were His vessel.  It was such a powerful night, and I have heard a lot of good feedback!  Thanks again, and God bless.”

“Bryan – You have done a really awesome job for this retreat, especially with your awesome talks.  It is clear to me that God calls you to be his voice, especially to those who need a jump-start with their faith.”

“Bryan Mercier was engaging, funny and gave a fantastic presentation.  I enjoyed him very much and felt my 5th grader could have benefited from learning what he spoke about too.  His life transformation and what God did for him was truly inspiring.  He convicted me that we need to do more to get to heaven.”

“Bryan: I am so grateful for your presence here yesterday.  I thought you and your team did a phenomenal job.  I was blown away by the prayer service, and of course it was how you got them to that point that made it what it was. Awesome!  People are still talking about it. We would love to have you back.  God bless you as you continue to inspire people.”

“Thank you for your inspiring talk on the Mass.  Your message was powerful.  I continue to pray that your message will touch the hearts of our children.”

“Among other things, the heart of his message is a Catholic sacramental encounter with Jesus Christ and the great plans He has for them!”

“I have the privilege of knowing Bryan not only as an inspirational speaker, but as a friend. Bryan Mercier is a very gifted and inspiring teacher. His message is meaningful and motivational. I highly recommend Bryan to anyone that is looking for a strong Christian, inspirational speaker. He is a blessing. If you’re looking for a speaker, I highly recommend Bryan.”

“Bryan’s whole presentation was very enlightening!  It was a reminder of God’s love for us, and what we need to do to make it to heaven.  I love how well Bryan connected to the audience.  He captured the attention of both my 13 year old son and myself.  He made his presentation relatable to today in a way that everyone could understand and connect with.  We thought Bryan was a great speaker and enjoyed listening to him.”

“Bryan Mercier gave several talks to both the youth and to the adult parishioners at various seminars.  His goal was to communicate the basic truths of the Gospel and the Catholic Church, which are often not well understood by the faithful.  Bryan was very successful in this goal.  He is a very good speaker. The youth found his talks very engaging and challenging.  The adults admired his presentations and asked for more. He loves the church, understands the contemporary secular influences that confuse Catholics, and is able to present his material in an encouraging, yet challenging way. Each of his talks revealed that he “did his homework.” He researched well his topics. He is a gifted apologist.”

“Bryan, thank you so much for coming to our church.  You are just marvelous.  I have already received many positive reviews about your presentations.  A lady at the grocery store stopped me to brag about how wonderful you were and how much she got out of the talk.  That’s saying something.  So may God bless you in your ministry and may he help you to keep spreading the Word.”

“Thank you!!!!! It was a wonderful experience for the Confirmation student, and you received the supreme complement.  The priest who officiated at Benediction was very impressed with your talk and how the kids behaved at Adoration, and he rarely complements anyone.”

“Just want to take a second to say that when you prayed over me last night, you prayed for spiritual and emotional healing for my children and for me.  You know the circumstances that I was going through, and when I came home, one of the two estranged children had sent an apology email to the other four!  God is awesome!”

“I have worked with Bryan in both our teen and adult ministries. In discussions, he is pertinent, clear and sensitive to the opinions of others. With the teens, he finds the perfect balance of fellowship and spiritual development, pushing them into depths of spirituality they have not previously explored. As a speaker, he is dynamic, organized, and provides a vast knowledge of church teachings that leads his audience to a better understanding of what God leads us to and intends for us. I consider myself privileged to have worked with and learned from Bryan, and highly recommend him to other ministry programs.”

“Bryan, I want to officially thank you again for speaking to our group!  You made the last meeting meaningful to all of us, and as always, you gave an insightful and spiritually uplifting talk! I wish you success and good health in your future endeavors in spreading the Gospel.  We have received a lot of very positive feedback.”

“Bryan has been very inspirational to me as a teacher, leader, friend and most of all one of God’s servants through classes, workshops and events at our church. He has drawn me closer to God and has inspired me to want to develop my relationship more with God through fellowship and being of service to others.”

“Bryan, thank you so much for coming to speak to our group.  Everyone loved the presentation; the teens (and adults) are still talking about it.”

“I know you’ll be getting lots of e-mails, but I just wanted to thank you and Father for hosting an awesome retreat weekend.  I’m so grateful that I went.  I had an amazing time.  I’d also like to thank you and your wife for praying over me during adoration.  As a former Protestant, it’s been a while since someone prayed over me, so it was nice.  I know too that I had an encounter with Jesus on the retreat and I hope to keep encountering Him in my daily life, whether or not that special someone ever comes along.”

Bryan Mercier is a great Catholic Christian speaker and its obvious that he is filled with the Holy Spirit!  I thank God for Bryan and his ministry!  He gave an excellent retreat on “Living Holy in an Unholy World.”  He really provided and articulated many great insights about how to live your faith in the world without compromise. My husband and I were  both so pleased (and blessed) to attend the presentation.  May Bryan have continuing success in his ministry.

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for letting me be apart of the retreat tonight. I learned a lot and I am really thankful that I was able to go.  I appreciate your knowledge and enjoyed listening to you speak. I’ve lost my faith a little and am trying hard to get it back. I look forward to reading your blog!”

“Dear, that was the single most powerful talk I have ever, ever heard in my whole entire life. Ever!  I can’t even explain to you how powerful it was. I cannot say enough about it. It had a profound effect on our other leader too as she came crying to me afterward. Also, when you prayed over me during the prayer service, I was able to forgive someone who had abused me. I have not been able to forgive this person in over 50 years, but now I feel at peace. I have let it go, and it has left me. I cannot thank you enough for coming to our church and for giving us this retreat.”

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