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Catholic Truth is a non-profit ministry dedicated to re-catechizing our church on a a Mass scale, especially our young people. To book a keynote speaker, retreat, radio appearance, or any other engagement, please contact us at the information below.

Booking Manager, Catherine Strohman. Phone #: 845-562-0321 | E-mail:

Catholic Truth is based in Connecticut, but we serve nationally and internationally.

OPTIONS: Speaking and retreat prices vary depending on the event, location, length of time, number of people, etc. Please contact us at the information above or below, and we will be happy to serve you.  Thank you for visiting!

Booking Manager, Catherine Strohman. Phone #: 845-562-0321 |E-mail:

9 Responses to Contact and Booking

  1. Anthony C. bergeron says:

    I am a member of St Ambrose parish in North Branford, and after having Bryan visit our recent Knights of Colombus meeting seeking financial support, look for more detailed financial information regarding financial contributions and accountability.

  2. Do I need to make a reservation for my 14 year old son for the ROCK Retreat in Southington CT on September 15th? We are with the St Pio of Pietrelcina Parish in East Haven CT. My son is working on his Ad Altare Dei Catholic Emblem Scout Award.

  3. Stephanie Villeda says:

    Thank you for your feedback Anthony! I’m humbled to hear that it was a moving experience. God bless you and yours. Look forward to seeing you at the next retreat.

  4. Stephanie Villeda says:

    Hi Sandra — please message us here at and we’d love to continue the conversation with you for the ROCK retreat coming up!

  5. Lisa Furino says:

    I am from St. Bernadette Church in New Haven, CT. I would like some information about a retreat for our Confirmation Class of 35 students (all high school). We would like the retreat to be held at our Parish. Please contact me times, cost, etc.
    Thank you very much

  6. Erik Bergesen says:

    Bryan, I’ve been watching your videos since right around Easter 2019, and I just watched this and thought of you; without another way to contact you, I’m posting it here. I hope you watch it and enjoy

  7. Thank you Erik. Bishop Sheen is solid! 🙂

  8. Thank you for your comment Anthony. We are happy to provide a completely detailed financial budget to anyone who is interesting in supporting us. We can only exist because of the donations of other generous Catholics. Several Knights Councils support us presently in different states. If anyone is interested, they may also find detailed information on our Patreon page as well.

  9. Laura says:

    Hi Bryan, I was baptized at age 30 and became Catholic so I am still learning! I’ve been watching your Youtube channel for a while, just love your videos and appreciate your very accurate information. I have a burning question about gestures at Mass! During communion, I have seen parishioners raise their hands up emulating the priest’s gesture. I have read some places online that parishioners are not supposed to do this; that it’s actually a custom derived from protestantism. I was recently at a Catholic conference that ended with Mass and noticed the nuns present were not doing this gesture during communion. What is your take on this? Thanks!!!

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