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To book Bryan Mercier for your next event or for additional information, contact him at: or 203-952-9394.  He would be happy to service all of your speaking and retreat needs!

Bryan is based out of Milford, CT. and offers:

COST:  Bryan offers keynote talks, half-day retreats (4 hours), full-day retreats (7 hours), team retreats, weekend retreats, and more.  Prices vary depending on the event chosen, location, number of people, and other items.  Please contact us at the information above.  Thank you for visiting.

FREE RETREATS:  Twice a year, Bryan and his team offer to do FREE Confirmation retreats for impoverished parishes or those who can’t afford an outside retreat.  For those who would like a FREE retreat but do not have any budget for one, please contact us.  We would be more than happy to serve you and give your teens a life-changing retreat experience.

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