Catholic Myth #2: The Catholic Church Prevented Learning in the Dark Ages

Catholic Church Dark AgesThroughout the “Dark Ages,” there was a great light: the Catholic Church!  Far from preventing learning, the Catholic Church actually furthered education more than any other institution in the world.  The Church made learning more widely available for the common person.  The Church started colleges and universities, along with Law, economics, and many other things.  It progressed education at all grades and levels.  English, math, history, philosophy, science, and other subjects were taught and cultivated.  Critical thinking was taught, and even debates ensued where students had to study and know both sides of the argument.  Even non-Catholic books were read, along with books that opposed Catholic teaching.

Moreover, Catholic monks copied countless books including the Bible so people would have education and literacy.  In fact, monks copied the Bible for over 1000 years so we could have the Scriptures available to us. As stated in the previous myth, the Catholic Church even studied and taught the sciences, putting enormous amounts of financial aid toward scientific discovery.  I could offer many more proofs, but this is sufficient.  Nobody with serious historical knowledge and learning could ever claim that the Catholic Church was against learning and education!  Myth dispelled…

Catholic Church dark ages

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  1. Tim Cronin says:

    Yes, after the fall of Rome it was the Benedictines who established centers of learning throughout the West. Aristotle was rediscovered through St Thomas’s study of the Islamic philosophers like Averroes. From there it was the Byzantine scholars, especially Gemistus Pletho at the Council of Florence who brought the hermetic works that were translated by Ficino with the financing of the banker Cosimo de Medici that spurred on the Renaissance and the modern age.

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