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What NOT to Say to an Atheist

Do you ever have a hard time explaining your faith?  Feel like you just never have the right words to say?  Do you feel inadequate, like what you say is never good enough?  Me too!  At least, that is how … Continue reading

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The Existence of God: Jesus Christ

The Existence of God: Part 5 JESUS CHRIST! Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the greatest person to ever walk the face of the earth.  He changed the world around Him, commanded untold numbers of people, taught with great authority, forgave … Continue reading

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Does God Really Exist? – PART 2

 Does God Really Exist? Proofs for the Existence of God – PART 2 Does God Really Exist?  In my last blog post (check it out here), we asked where everything in the universe came from.  We saw that something cannot … Continue reading

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