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Living Your Faith (How to live your faith anywhere!)

“What are you? Some sort of Jesus freak?”  “What, are you too good for us now?” “You actually believe in God?” “The Catholic Church is evil!” Several people have asked me the question, “How do you live your faith in … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse (Exposing the Lies, Defending our Priests)

With the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy, CNN and other news media outlets raged with stories about corruption, the papacy, the problem of priestly celibacy, and countless conspiracy theories.  “The Catholic Church needs to change!” News stations … Continue reading

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Religion and War (Is Religion the Cause of War and Violence?)

Religion and War! Is religion the cause of all war? Does religion by nature cause violence? Are not most of the world wars attributed to religions arguing over who is right, about whose holy book is correct? Perhaps if they … Continue reading

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Who Goes To Heaven?

Who doesn’t want to go to heaven? Really. I know that I definitely do considering the alternative is pretty scary; but more importantly, what could be better than spending all of eternity with the God, our all powerful and all … Continue reading

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What NOT to Say to an Atheist

Do you ever have a hard time explaining your faith?  Feel like you just never have the right words to say?  Do you feel inadequate, like what you say is never good enough?  Me too!  At least, that is how … Continue reading

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Catholic Myth #4: The Crusades Were Unprovoked Attacks Against Peaceful Muslims

Just because something is repeated over and over again does not make it true.  The same is true here with the Crusades. In reality, the Crusades were wars of self-defense against the Muslims.  Here are the real facts: Every historian … Continue reading

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Myth #3 Constantine Started the Catholic Church

Many fundamentalists erroneously believe that the pagan Emperor Constantine invented the Catholic Church around 317 A.D. by blending paganism and Christianity.  However, there is no historical basis for this whatsoever.  The reality is that the Catholic Church was started by … Continue reading

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