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Arguments Against the Catholic Church (Answering Anti-Catholic myths on Salvation!)

There are so many arguments against the Catholic Church that are false or skewed. Some are so far off that it is hard to take them seriously. This picture is of those that is hard to take seriously. It is … Continue reading

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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse (Exposing the Lies, Defending our Priests)

With the retirement of Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy, CNN and other news media outlets raged with stories about corruption, the papacy, the problem of priestly celibacy, and countless conspiracy theories.  “The Catholic Church needs to change!” News stations … Continue reading

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Religion and War (Is Religion the Cause of War and Violence?)

Religion and War! Is religion the cause of all war? Does religion by nature cause violence? Are not most of the world wars attributed to religions arguing over who is right, about whose holy book is correct? Perhaps if they … Continue reading

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Anti-Catholicism Anti-Catholicism (PART I) – “JACK CHICK” Jack Chick and his organization Chick Publications display a deep rooted anti-Catholicism in their videos and their literature.  One of their main objectives is to attack the Catholic Church and to steal away … Continue reading

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