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  1. Do you have a HOT body? (March 2014)
  2. Friends with Benefits (March 2014)
  3. The Sacrament of Confession … to a PRIEST! (March 2014)
  4. Are the Stories of Jesus Really True? (March 2014)
  5. The Glory of the Catholic Church (Jan. 2014)
  6. Why is Mary called Mother of God? (Jan. 2014)
  7. Animal Rights and Abortion! (Dec. 2013)
  8. Proving the Divinity of Jesus from the Bible (Dec. 2013)
  9. The Existence of God (Part 5): The Proof of Jesus Christ (Dec. 2013)
  10. Was Jesus Christ God? (Dec. 2013)
  11. The Extremism of Richard Dawkins (Nov. 2013)
  12. Richard Dawkins is wrong (Nov. 2013)
  13. “The Notebook,” Chick Flicks, and False Love! (Nov. 2013)
  14. Does Suffering Disprove God? (Oct. 2013)
  15. Evolution Can’t Explain Everything (Oct. 2013)
  16. Does God Really Exist? Part 3 (Oct. 2013)
  17. Who Made God? (Sept. 2013)
  18. Does God Really Exist? – PART 2  (August 2013)
  19. Does God Really Exist? (August 2013)
  20. Does Science Disprove God? (August 2013)
  21. Should Opposites Attract? (August 2013)
  22. Faith and WORKS – Part II (August 2013)
  23. Anxiety over Finding a Spouse (July 2013)
  24. Faith and Works (July 2013)
  25. The Catholic Church and Science (June 2013)
  26. What Mormons Believe (June 2013)
  27. Glenn Beck: Wrong and Wrong about Catholics (June 2013)
  28. Reflections on Christian Fatherhood (June 2013)
  29. What ALL Women are Doing in Bed? (May 2013)
  30. The Truth about the Crusades – Part 4 (May 2013)
  31. Do all guys think of only one thing? (May 2013)
  32. The Pathway To Love (Part 4) (April 2013)
  33. The Truth about the Crusades – Part 3 (April 2013)
  34. The Truth about the Crusades – Part 2 (April 2013)
  35. The Truth about the Crusades (April 2013)
  36. The Pathway to Love (Part 3) (April 2013)
  37. The Pathway to Love (Part 2) (March 2013)
  38. What St. Patrick’s Day is Really About (March 2013)
  39. Corruption, Scandal, and the Catholic Church! (March 2013)
  40. Celibacy: NOT the reason for the sex scandals! (Feb. 2013)
  41. The Pathway to Love (part 1) (Feb. 2013)
  42. The book, “The Secret” and the Laws of Attraction (Jan. 2013)
  43. How can We have World Peace (Jan. 2013)
  44. Your Last Advent EVER! (Dec. 2012)
  45. Anti-Catholicism (Nov. 2012)
  46. The Dangers of Reiki (Nov. 2012)
  47. Who Made the Bible? (Part II) (Nov. 2012)
  48. Who Made the Bible? (Nov. 2012)
  49.  Dangers of the Occult (Oct. 2012)
  50. What is true Love? (Oct. 2012)
  51. Gossip Girl (Oct. 2012)
  52. Centering Prayer (Oct. 2012)
  53. The Virgin Mary (Oct. 2012)
  54. PIUS XII (Oct. 2012)
  55. Is the Da Vinci Code True? Part II (Oct. 2012)
  56. Is the Da Vinci Code True? (Oct. 2012)
  57. Catholic Engagement (Oct. 2012)
  58. Does Religion Cause War? (Sept. 2012)
  59. Did Jesus Have a Wife? (Sept. 2012)


About Bryan Mercier

Bryan Mercier is a thirty-eight year old speaker and retreat leader. He has spoken to adults and teens for the last fifteen years on a wide variety of topics; ranging from catechetics and faith formation, to morality, spirituality, and apologetics. He has spoken at youth and adult retreats, workshops, seminars, Catholic schools, parish missions, local, regional and national conferences. He has spoken in front of crowds ranging from thirty to three-thousand and has been aired on both TV and radio in different states. Bryan also runs the R.O.C.K. (Revival Of Catholic Kids) Ministry Team that puts on all-day retreats for teens. He is going for his Masters in theology and working on writing numerous books and tracts.
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