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Idolizing Gossip Girl

I can’t explain the lingering feeling I have after watching a marathon of Gossip Girl to understand why the show is popular.  A long purifying shower is in order to cleanse my mind, heart, and soul from what I just watched.  I mean, am I missing something?  Why is this show popular?  Are we, as humans, really content to enter into and follow a world of filth rather than one of beauty and love?  What I really fear is that this show is a reflection of our culture and society today that has taken its morals to the gutter.

It’s no wonder the teens in Gossip Girl are messed up with problems – all of the adults are too.  Go figure.  They all live lives the way they weren’t meant to be lived; and we endorse, support, and even glorify humans at their worst.  Does anyone reading this bog today just love being lied to?  How about being cheated on?  Do we look forward to having gossip and false rumors spread about us?  Don’t we strive to stay far away from these things, whether in family, friendships, or relationships?  Then, why do we fill our heads with it on TV?  I mean, we all desire true love, something to be emulated, but Gossip Girl portrays the complete opposite, everything we don’t want.  Yet, so many people get caught up in this for a reason I don’t understand.

Perhaps for some people it’s a reflection of real life?  Perhaps others like to watch people who have drama and problems worse than their own?   Even if this is true, we should be brainstorming ways to make ourselves better, more virtuous people, and not to marinate our minds in the lives of unhealthy people.

Observe the characters on the show.  Everyone lies, gossips and deceives as regularly as they text on the phone.  This even happens with people who “love” each other or don’t.  Kids lie to adults, including their parents.  They lie to each other including their best friends.  Adults are less than honest with each other much of the time, and sometimes even with their kids.  What kind of an example does this send out?

The amount of cheating and adultery that goes between boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives should be shocking and appalling, not the norm.  Cheating in Gossip Girl is more common than switching partners at a county line dance.  Do we wonder why it happens so much in real life, and does this show make it easier to justify our actions?  Is this all OK? Is this what we want to emulate?

What to think about Gossip Girl?

It seems that this show and others like it, or worse, reflect a culture that doesn’t love themselves.  It’s revealing of a culture that has forgotten what true love is or never knew.  A good number of people don’t see themselves as worthy enough or lovable enough for true love, or perhaps they just don’t know how to find it, or have given up.  So, they settle for the counterfeit – hooking up, being used, compromised relationships, and the like.  It’s no wonder divorce is so common and the rate of discontent people is high.

Here is another thing.  What’s with the repetitive nature of falling head over heals for people who aren’t loveable, for people who aren’t even capable of loving in return?  Many of these characters aren’t lovable at all.  They are mean, rude, and uncaring; they can’t be trusted; they are slanderous and vengeful.  They are with you in one instant and absent the next, probably with your best friend.  They are your friend one minute and spreading your gossip to the world the next.  What’s with these characters sacrificing everything they have for shallow, immature people who aren’t worth a single date until they grow up?  And, why do they continually seek to get back together with their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who have proven to play games and be dishonest time after time?

It’s like banging your head against several walls because you didn’t learn that the first one hurt you.  And, yet this is how our viewing of Gossip Girl is in a nutshell, a vicious circle of filth without end.  The end.

Shall we talk about Sex in the City?

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