Donald Trump and the UNITED States of America

I firmly believe that we need to become the UNITED States of America again! Because we are not united. Duh! But, it’s worse than that. So many throughout our great land have become vindictive and malicious toward one another, viewing others as enemies and not fellow countrymen and women. People chant, “Love Trumps Hate” all while hating Donald Trump (and his supporters) and wanting his head on a plate.

Here’s the deal folks. We cannot preach one thing and then do another. There are so many people in this country, even so-called professional news media outlets, who hate Mr. Trump. They yell, scream, curse, insult, threaten, condemn, and wish something disastrous like the plague to overtake him. Worse, they often treat Trump supporters the exact same way with the exact same unloving and intolerant mind-set.  So, how does love trump hate exactly?

Now, this is not a pro-Trump post! Let me be clear about that.  My thoughts about Trump are irrelevant to this post. The point is, whether you love or hate Donald Trump, this post has to do with how we treat one another as fellow Americans. I for one think it’s shameful and disgusting the way so many people treat each other on and off of social media. We often become the worst versions of ourselves and not the best. Moreover, it’s hypocritical for Americans to preach tolerance for everyone while simultaneously being completely intolerant of people who disagree with their views.

Isn’t it ironic that many people who preach tolerance with so much gusto are completely intolerant to anyone with a differing opinion. They do not live the same “tolerance” they preach, especially to those who opposes gay marriage, abortion, birth-control, or for that matter, anyone who supports Donald Trump, just for example.

True tolerance respects the opinions of others even when it disagree with those opinions. It certainly does not start judging them with malicious intent and demonizing them. Most of all, it loves and respects the other person, even when they cannot agree. I think many of us forget that we are speaking to other persons (with hearts, souls, and feelings) and not verbal punching bags or verbal vomit cloths for our own rage and anger. Love cannot just be preached (“Love Trumps Hats”), but it actually has to be lived out in action.

This goes double for Christians! Followers of Jesus often devolved also into the worst versions of themselves. However, they are called to love even more so to speak with love, act in love, and with peace, humility, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and so on. The observant person will notice that I just listed some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit from the Bible. That’s our model? Are we living that when we discuss politics? See, we cannot be Christian and treat people like dirt, vomiting our anger and fears all over them… even if they support Donald Trump.  Likewise, we cannot resort to yelling, screaming, insulting or anything of the sort. Doing so shows that we are in serious need of deeper conversion, and/or that there is some serious emotional brokenness within us that still needs to be resolved.

Here’s the bottom line: no matter how strong our opinions are, and no matter how much we disagree with someone politically or otherwise, we have to act like Jesus and follow His example. Period.  Or don’t call yourself a Christian. So think about your thoughts and your words and the way you treat others. Make any necessary changes that need to be made. Learn to discuss logically. Understand where others are coming from, why they think the way they do, what makes them tick, etc. Stop being so emotional charged about everything and start thinking rationally, talking rationally, and acting in a rational minded way. If this means you have to unplug from social media, or stop reading the news, or engaging in political banter, then so be it. Your soul and the soul of this great country is more important and in need of unity more than ever.

If more people on both sides, including the often slanted news media; if everyone would start to actually be more tolerant and dialogue in a way that reflects that, then it just might be possible to become the United States of America once again.  May God help it be so.

About Bryan Mercier

Bryan Mercier is a professional Catholic speaker, retreat leader, author, YouTuber, and a Catholic apologist who has been teaching and preaching for almost two decades. He has also been aired on TV and radio in different states, including Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, Sirius XM Satellite, and EWTN. He is the founder of "Catholic Truth," a non-profit dedicated to the New Evangelization and helping Catholics to know, love, and live their faith with purpose and passion each day!
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