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Margaret Sanger Eugenics (The truth about Planned Parenthood and Hitler) – PART 1

Hitler’s Legacy:  Everyone from Alaska to Timbuktu knows that Adolf Hitler was an evil man who performed horrific atrocities in the attempt to create a Master Race.  To this end, and under the guise of euthanasia, Hitler killed nearly 300,000 … Continue reading

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4 Reasons Astrology is Wrong!

Astrology is responsible for the New Age Movement and for the term New Age.  According to Astrology, the time of Pisces, (which symbolizes Jesus and Christianity) has passed away, and the “New Age” of Aquarius, which symbolizes spiritual awakening, has … Continue reading

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Abortion and the Unborn Child

If you have not read my last post on abortion, you may want to read that first.  You can find it here, The Hypocrisy of Abortion regarding how society seeks to protect animals but not innocent human babies. THE majority … Continue reading

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Animal Rights and Abortion!

I saw a TV commercial the other day which said, “Right now, an animal is being beaten.  Right now, animals are being put in cages…” The commercial went on to inform us that we need to protect innocent animals who … Continue reading

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The Extremism of Richard Dawkins

The Extremism of Richard Dawkins The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins is one of the most popular Atheist books on the market.  Sadly though, it was monumentally disappointing!  I honestly thought this book would challenge my faith, make me think, … Continue reading

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“The Notebook,” Chick Flicks, and False Love!

Everything Wrong with the movie: “The Notebook” The movie The Notebook is loved and cherished by many, and yet this movie teaches many false versions of love.  Because of the emotional attachment most people have with this movie, it prevents … Continue reading

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Suffering Does Not Disprove God

Suffering Does Not Disprove God I had a conversation with an atheist recently who found it difficult to believe in God because of all the pain and suffering in the world.  This is understandable.  However, people don’t realize that suffering … Continue reading

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