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Anti-CatholicismJack Chick and his organization Chick Publications display a deep rooted anti-Catholicism in their videos and their literature.  One of their main objectives is to attack the Catholic Church and to steal away her members. This is accomplished through the distribution of anti-Catholic cartoon tracts known as “Chick Tracts.”  These easy-to-read and nicely illustrated tracts contain innumerable misunderstandings, fabrications, and erroneous assertions regarding the Catholic faith. Added to the misinformation are Chick’s own personal prejudices.  These tracts attempt to dismantle Catholic doctrines while showing Catholics in hell for adhering to them. Guilt and fear are two weapons constantly employed in these tracts.

Jack Chick claims to love Catholics, but in reality, his outlandish misinformation and tainted bigotry shows that his love is not sincere. If this organization were really sincere, they would act with God’s love, truth, and sincerity.  Informed Catholics recognize that Mr. Chick doesn’t bother presenting his information accurately.  His goal is to destroy the Catholic Church.  It is one thing to disagree with someone’s religion, but it is something else entirely to present countless falsehoods and then proceed to tear apart that which wasn’t true in the first place.  We will look at a few examples.


Some of chick’s tracts make the claim that no one in the Catholic Church can go to heaven.  This seems an extreme claim that very few people world-wide would take seriously.  However, it reveals something about Chick’s fundamentalism and deep-rooted anti-Catholicism.  One of his main objectives lies in trying to scare Catholics out of their Church by depicting them burning in hell for eternity.

Any serious study of church history demonstrates that Jesus started the Catholic Church, so why wouldn’t people in His church be able to attain heaven?  This was the very same Church that gave Jack Chick and the rest of the world the Holy Bible.  So, if the Catholicism was started by Jesus, and it compiled the Bible canon infallibly, how could it be so evil as to have every last one of it’s members end up in hell?  Extreme?  Just a little.

In the cartoon tract called the Death Cookie, it says that the Catholic Church (the Vatican) is a “Habitation of devils and controls her people through witchcraft and magic.”  Witchcraft?  Magic?  Come on Jack.  Anyone can note the excessive kind of argumentation used here.  In my opinion, these kind of extreme statements only discredit Chick and anything else he may have to say.  But, he’s not done.  He goes on to make the claim that Catholics burned everyone at the stake who believed that the Eucharist was only a symbol. However, he fails to provide and sources to back up such a claim.  I wonder why.  Since this statement is purely fictitious, Mr. Chick attempts to defend himself by saying, “All of this has been covered up by history.”  Covered up by history?  “Come on again Jack!”  The more outlandish the claims become, the harder it is to even take him seriously. It seems Mr. Chick needed to make such an odd after statement because he knows history does not back up his fabrications.  He is right about one thing though; there is nothing on the historical record that shows anything of the sort taking place – because it never happened.

In the Are Catholics Christians? tract, it states that when Catholics are baptized they become the citizen of two countries, with two nationalities and two allegiances (the Vatican and their own), but is there really any Catholic who actually thinks that the Vatican is his/her own country?  No comments needed, just common sense and a sense of humor.

The tract, Why is Mary Crying? says that Catholic Church came into existence around 300 A.D.. However, it is impossible to believe this and have examined the historical record.  One can easily go to any encyclopedia and look under the letter “P” (for Pope or Papacy) and see a list of 264 popes all the way back to St. Peter.  In fact, history shows there were nearly 30 popes before 300 A.D. and over 30 popes before the emperor Constantine even came to power.  Another myth dispelled.

Keeping within this same time period, Chick asserts in this same tract that the Catholic Church invented worshiping Mary, including statues of Mary, so they could attract pagans who worshiped the pagan goddess.  This is wishful thinking.  The reality is that the practice of honoring Mary and the saints existed before 300 A.D., and statues were around were around long before 300 A.D. as well.  Catholics don’t worship Mary, as she is only a human.  She is nothing at all without God, less than dust.  However, it was God who honored her and raised her up by calling her to be the mother of His divine Son.  Scripture calls Mary blessed:

The Angel said to Mary: “Blessed are you among women” (Lk. 1:28)

Elizabeth said of Mary, “Blessed is she who believed…”

Mary prophesied of herself, “All generations will call me blessed” (Lk. 1:48).

The Bible honors Mary and calls her blessed, and Catholics just follow the Bible.  Moreover, Catholics don’t erect statues to worship them, as asserted by Mr. Chick.  “Hey Jack, they’re made out of plaster and marble!”  I don’t know of a single Catholic who believes that a statue can actually hear or answer them.  Additionally, Jack Chick seems ignorant of the fact that statues are biblical and that God Himself commands statues to be made in the Bible (Ex. 25:18-20).  The only prohibition is that one can’t worship them, and Catholics take that seriously.  They worship God alone!

Anti-CatholicismChick’s Anti-Catholicism revealed:

There are many other examples of anti-Catholicism and erroneous ideas of Catholic teaching in these cartoon tracts, but there’s no need to address them all.  Jack Chick claims in his literature that the Catholic Church started the KKK, Communism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mafia, and the religion of Islam in order to take over the world (see the Alberto comic series).  With all of that being said, any credibility that Mr. Chick may have up to this point just flies out the window with such nonsense.

Catholics have written Chick Publications many times informing the organization of what Catholics really believe and informing them that they are misrepresenting Catholics in no small way.  However, Chick and his cohorts do not accept or consider the concerns.  If Jack Chick truly loved Catholics as he claims, he would make an honest attempt to portray their beliefs and teachings and not wild conspiracy theories.  For this reason, it should be noted, that most Protestants don’t even take Chick seriously, considering him uncredible and on the fringe.  It is obvious that anyone who accepts as history that the Catholic Church started the religion of Islam to take over the world is not trustworthy or concerned about facts.

So don’t fear cartoon tracts and any other form of anti-Catholicism. Most anti-Catholics haven’t even read a single book written by a Catholic and yet believe themselves to be experts about the Catholic religion.  Sadly, instead of studying history, it is widely known that anti-Catholics all quote each other to back up their points.

Anti-CatholicismThe Catholic Church has been around for two-thousand years and has endured through trials, attacks, and persecutions of all kinds.  The answers are all out there and the Church isn’t afraid of Anti-Catholic attacks.

If you don’t know an answer to a question, look it up.  For Catholics and non-Catholics alike, for anyone interested in obtaining the real truth about Catholicism, read authentically Catholic books. This is the best way to really understand it.  You will then receive information straight from the horse’s mouth and not from biased, fundamentalist organizations like Chick Publications.

Catechism of the Catholic Church lays out all the beliefs and teaching of Catholics.

Catholic Answers ( is an apologetics organization specializes in presenting the Catholic faith in a clear and precise way.  There are many books people could read from Catholics that present the real Catholic faith and not a false representation of it.  A few examples are:

Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating (Highly recommended)

Pope Fiction by Patrick Madrid (Answering common objections to the Catholic faith)

Surprised by Truth (This book reveals the problems people had with the Catholic Church and then gives their Biblical, historical, and spiritual reasons for becoming Catholic).

Where’s that in the Bible” & “Where’s that in Tradition?” Both by Patrick Madrid

Keep an eye out for “Anti-Catholicism” Part II, which will provide more answers to common Catholic objections.

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Bryan Mercier is a professional Catholic speaker, retreat leader, author, YouTuber, and a Catholic apologist who has been teaching and preaching for almost two decades. He has also been aired on TV and radio in different states, including Relevant Radio, Ave Maria Radio, Sirius XM Satellite, and EWTN. He is the founder of "Catholic Truth," a non-profit dedicated to the New Evangelization and helping Catholics to know, love, and live their faith with purpose and passion each day!
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