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Do You Believe in the Resurrection

“Do You Believe in the Resurrection?” By Victoria Clarizio For part 1 of my story, click here. When I was in high school I had a powerful, undeniable experience of being called to discern religious life. A call from God … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman is a TRUE Woman!

Here’s a post for all of the Catholic DC fans out there. I bet you have seen Wonder Woman, right? I did. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it! One of the reasons I liked it so much was because the movie … Continue reading

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Can We Really Trust God?

“Can We Really Trust God?” By Victoria Clarizio My name is Victoria Clarizio and I am honored to share my story with you. I’ll be blogging on here every week and sharing with you how I’ve grown to trust in … Continue reading

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Can a Catholic Date An Atheist?

Can a Catholic Date An Atheist? —>> To watch the video instead, click here! Today’s blog answers a question that comes straight from one of the viewers on my Youtube channel. She asks: “My boyfriend doesn’t believe in God. What … Continue reading

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What is Purgatory?

“What Is Purgatory?” “What’s that purgatory thing all about?” “What’s that place between heaven and hell called?” “What do Catholics believe about purgatory?” “How long do you stay in purgatory?” “What do you do in purgatory? These are some of … Continue reading

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