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The Catholic Church and Science

The Catholic Church: The Great Lover of Science! The Catholic Church and Science!  If you’ve ever watched movies or read Dan Brown type novels, you probably have been led to believe that the Catholic Church is against science and that … Continue reading

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What Mormons Believe

Everything you Need to know about Mormons: History and Beliefs Ding Dong.  It’s my doorbell!  I run down my stairs, throw open the front door, and come face to face with two Mormon Missionaries! Two blond haired men dressed in … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: Wrong and Wrong about Catholics

Glenn Beck:  Wrong and Wrong about Catholics Glenn Beck was a Catholic who became a Mormon.  Worse, he has a national podium from which he likes to pontificate about the Catholic Church and church history – two things he knows … Continue reading

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Reflections on Christian Fatherhood

What comes to mind when you hear the words Father’s Day? Probably a day of complete peace, deep relaxation, solitude, gratitude, and receiving everything you desire. Most dads reading this would only have two words for me: “Yeah right!” Well, … Continue reading

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