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What ALL Women are Doing in Bed?

My first article in this Glamour series vented on the pathetic advice that women receive in magazines like this one. I lamented the fact that most of the information given does not lead to true love or intimacy but, only … Continue reading

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The Truth about the Crusades – Part 4

The Truth about The Crusades:  Part 4 The State of Islam Today For over 400 years, Muslims conquered nation after nation, empire after empire, in their efforts to conquer the world for Allah.  After more than four centuries without any … Continue reading

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Do all guys think of only one thing?

My wife and I started getting free issues of the popular women’s magazine, Glamour. I usually just toss it in the recycling bin, but a cover line from the latest issue caught my eye. In one of the featured articles, … Continue reading

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