Apologetics Seminars

Learn to Explain Your Faith Like Never Before!

 WHAT:  This is a 3-5 seminar series to help Catholics learn, explain, and share their faith more effectively.  Many Catholics go to church and are even actively involved in parish life.  Yet, they still find themselves becoming tongue-tied when put on the spot by friends, family, or people at the office.  They often feel “experience rich” but “vocabulary poor.”   However, these apologetics seminars will change all of that!  These seminars will unquestionably help Catholics to know, understand, and defend their faith in a proficient manner that is charitable and effective.

SEMINAR #1:  How to Share Your Faith and How NOT To!

This introductory seminar is of utmost importance!  Knowing how to share your faith is as important, or more important, than having the right arguments.  If a person has all the right things to say but cannot present them properly or soberly, then they are ineffective and will not help anyone.  People always say not to discuss politics or religion because it always “leads to arguing.”  However, it should never lead to arguing if done in the correct manner.  Drawing on over 15 years of experience in religious dialogue, this first seminar will give all the necessary tricks and tips on how to talk about the Catholic faith, how to share it with others, and how to bring friends and family back to the Church.   It will teach them how to humbly and charitably deal with anyone, no matter how stubborn.

 SEMINAR #2:  Science, Religion, and the Existence of God

Atheism, agnosticism, and religious indifference are all on the rise.  Doubt and skepticism are both growing rapidly and are fields that need to be dealt with.  Does God exist?  How do we know?  What is the evidence?  Isn’t the Bible full of countless contradictions?  What is a Catholic supposed to think about science and evolution?  What about religious wars and bad things that have happened in the name of religion?  These and other popular objections will be addressed in great detail.  With more and more people falling away from church and from religion, we need to be trained to deal with their objections and draw them back home.

SEMINAR #3 & #4 Answering Common Objections

These seminars will examine anti-Catholicism and attacks against the Catholic Church.  These seminars will teach those attending how to think critically and rationally about attacks from fundamentalists and other religions.  It will teach them how to deal tactfully with these people, how to avoid their scare tactics, and how to make an informed response.  These seminars will go in depth to discuss how to answer common objections regarding Mary and the Saints, the Pope, Purgatory, Confession to a Priest, the Eucharist, etc.

 SEMINAR #5:  Difficult Moral Issues 

Some of the most difficult issues to address or defend are the moral issues.  Many people are very passionate in attacking and writing off the Church for being too outdated and out of touch.  Some Catholics are very aggressive and angry in return.  This seminar will present the moral issues in a compassionate way that makes sense and show why there are excellent reasons for Catholics believing what they do.  In addition, parishioners will not only learn the reasons but how to address these in a way that won’t turn people off. One topic which is always misunderstood and often leaves us speechless is the issue of morality… but no longer.

 Apologetics Training:  These seminars could include optional hands-on training exercises in which participants would practice role playing in a safe, non-judgmental environment to help sharpen their skills, receive tips and techniques, and to prepare them to go home and share it with others.

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