Bryan Mercier is a thirty-nine year old national speaker and retreat leader. He is lively, passionate, and dynamic.  His mission is to change lives!  Bryan has spoken to adults and teens for over fifteen years on a wide variety of topics ranging from faith formation and  spirituality, to love, relationships, apologetics, and more.  He has spoken at youth and adult retreats, men’s conferences,  workshops, seminars, Catholic schools and colleges, parish missions, and local, regional and national conferences.  Also, he has been aired on both TV and radio in different states.  Bryan is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Bureau, CMG Booking.

Bryan also also runs a ministry team called The R.O.C.K. Group.  R.O.C.K. stands for Revival Of Catholic Kids, and this team gives powerful all-day, half-day, and weekend-long retreats for Confirmation classes and other teen events that are dynamic and life changing. Bryan is a regular contributor for CatholicMatch, a published author, and he has his own blog.  To see how many lives have been changed by Bryan and his retreats, see the above endorsements tab.

To book Bryan, please contact him at 203-952-9394 or at CatholicBryan@yahoo.com.

List of Talks For Adults

  • Why Be Catholic?
  • God Exists!  (A talk on the Existence of God, Science and Religion, etc).
  • The Pathway of Love: How to reach happily-ever-after!
  • Seven Ways to Grow in Prayer and Overcome Distractions
  • The Challenge of Being Catholic!
  • Jesus and the story of Salvation for modern day Catholics
  • Living Holy in an Unholy World: Living our Faith without Compromise
  • Prayer and Spirituality 101!  (Understandable prayer and making it work in your life)
  • Understanding our Catholic Faith (Learning to understand, deepen, and explain your faith. This can be done in one session or multiple)
  • Catholic History and Common Myths (The Crusades, The Inquisition, Galileo, etc)
  • Understanding the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and answering common objections
  • How to Live a Life Transformed
  • The True Presence of the Eucharist and it’s Power!
  • The Sacrament of Confession to a priest.  Why?
  • Seminar on the Papacy
  • The Glory of the Catholic Church (How the Church survived persecution, torture and death and converted the world)
  • The Dangers of the New Age Movement: (What Catholics Need to Know about the New Astrology, Reiki, Centering Prayer, Yoga, counterfeit spirituality and more)
  • The Catholic Church and Other Religions: (Understanding their beliefs and the Catholic Answer)
  • Understanding to the Scandals in the Church
  • Pro-Life Talk
  • My Testimony: From dressing in all-black and carrying weapons, to shining the light of Christ and teaching the faith.
  • Other talks upon request…

List of Talks For Teens

For the last 15 years, Bryan has spoken to teens about their faith. His high enthusiasm and his dynamic presentations make the Catholic faith come to life in a way that is real and practical.  Bryan has spoken at countless Confirmation retreats, youth gatherings, Life- Nights, Catholic camps, conferences and schools, and the Catholic Leadership Institute.

  • From Hatred to Love (His testimony of dressing in all black, suffering from loneliness, depression, and anger, to being set free and shining the light of Christ to everyone)
  • The Existence of God… and Jesus
  • Jesus and and the Meaning of Life for 2013 Catholics
  • The Challenge of Being Catholic Today
  • The Challenge of Confirmation (For Confirmation students)
  • Prayer 101 for Teens
  • Apologetics for Teens (Helping teens to understand and explain their faith)
  • True Love, Chastity, and Relationships
  • The Sacrament of Confirmation
  • The Sacrament of the Eucharist
  • The Sacrament of Confession to a Priest
  • Thinking about Eternity
  • The Mass
  • Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever
  • Self-Esteem and Loving Ourselves (How to find self-worth, self-esteem and meaning)
  • What It Means To Be Catholic
  • Other talks upon request…