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Bryan MercierWhy I am a Catholic Speaker

Some years ago, I sat in the middle of a huge field under a 150 foot steel cross.  With tears in my eyes and great love in my heart, I cried out to God and told Him that I wanted to heal people the way He had healed me, to help people the way He had helped me, and to bring great love and joy to as many people as I possibly could.  In short, I wanted to help others experience the abundant love and fulfillment that I had received which completely transformed my life for the better.  This is why I get up in the morning!  This is why I am a Catholic speaker, author, and retreat leader.  This is my life’s purpose.  Jesus took someone like me who dressed in all-black, was consumed by anger, rage, and depression, who didn’t look in the mirror for seven years because he hated his reflection; Jesus took that broken person and transformed me into a vessel overflowing with His light and love who now desires to share that life-transforming love with everyone and the truth which will set them free. 

Bryan wants to help people encounter Christ in a real way and help them to know, love, and live their Catholic faith with purpose and passion every day, especially young people who are walking away from the faith in droves. His goal is to be the spark that sets our faith and our Church on fire, and that is why his ministry exists! 

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Bryan’s Speaking and Retreats

Bryan Mercier is a professional Catholic speaker and retreat leader who speaks to Catholic teens and adults every year.  He gives Confirmation retreats, Catholic school retreats, Parish Missions, Keynote talks, seminars, workshops, speaks at Catholic colleges and universities, Theology on Taps, Men’s Conferences, and other regional and national conferences. He has been aired on national TV and radio in different states, including EWTN, and the show Life on the Rock.

Bryan is proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CMG Booking, and The Catholic Speaking Association.  He is also the director of a dynamic ministry team called: The R.O.C.K. Group (Revival Of Catholic Kids) which travels around the North East putting on high-energy and engaging retreats for Confirmation classes, youth groups, and other teen events.

Check out Bryan’s new book below: Why Do You Believe in GOD? It answers 15 years worth of questions from Catholics, atheists, and skeptics on those deep questions of faith, including: Proof for the Existence of God, science vs. religion, the Galileo myth, the Crusades, evolution, and much more. For more information, click the book below.

If you share Bryan’s vision and would like your parish transformed, or if you would like your teens to have a memorable retreat experience, call to book him today.  Or, for more information, feel free to contact him at: CatholicBryan@yahoo.com / 203-952-9394

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