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Some years ago, I sat in the middle of a huge field under a 150 foot steel cross.  With tears in my eyes and great love in my heart, I cried out to God and told Him that I wanted to heal people the way He had just healed me, to help people the way He had helped me, and help people experience the His life-transforming love as I had. In short, I wanted to bring His light, love to people all around the world, to as many as possible! This is why my ministry exists! This is my life’s purpose and mission.

My goal is to help Catholics know, love, and live their Catholic faith with purpose and passion. I want to be the spark that helps to set our faith, our Church, and out culture on fire with the truth of Jesus Christ!

Speaking Bio

Bryan Mercier is a professional Catholic speaker, retreat leader, author, and the founder and president of Catholic Truth. He has spoken to countless teens and adults over the last 20 years through Confirmation retreats, Parish Missions, Keynotes, Catholic school retreats, seminars, workshops, colleges and universities, conferences, and through TV and radio. He has been aired on national TV and radio in different states, including Ave Maria Radio, Sirius XM Satallite Radio, Relevant Radio, and EWTN.

Bryan Mercier is a proud member of the elite Catholic Speakers Organization. He is also the director of The R.O.C.K. Group (Revival Of Catholic Kids). This high energy ministry team travels the North East providing engaging retreats for Confirmation classes, youth groups, and other teen events.

Check out Bryan’s new book below: Why Do You Believe in GOD? It answers 15 years worth of questions from Catholics, atheists, skeptics, and those who have fallen away from the Church. It offers good, rational, and satisfying answers to those deep questions of faith: proof for God’s existence, science and religion, Galileo and Crusades, evolution, why God allows us to suffer, and much more. For more information, click the book below, or check us out on Amazon.

If you would like your teens engaged, your adults and young adults engaged, or your parish as a whole, call or e-mail to book him today.  For more information, please contact Booking Manager, Catherine Strohman. Phone #: 845-562-0321 or E-mail: info@CatholicBryan.org

Thank you for visiting, and may God bless you abundantly!


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31 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Adaliss says:

    It was such a delight to make your acquaintance at the Moran’s 4th of July picnic recently! Our conversation was most enjoyable! Thank you. God bless! I am praying for your special intentions moving forward.

    In Jesus through Mother Mary,
    Adaliss Rodriguez-Stravoravdis

  2. Thank you!! I am WAY behind in responding to comments, haha, but thank you so much. It was a pleasure to meet you too! God bless you and hopefully we will talk again soon. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Bryan, I made a comment on your “Catholic myth #4”, I would like to see if you can give a a factual and historical accurate response

  4. I just saw it yesterday. I will try to respond to it soon. Thanks for your letting me know, and thanks for the reply.

  5. Anonymous says:

    no problem, thanks for the response, I might have gotten a bit rude at some points, I was typing for like 2 hours so pardon me if I’m rude

  6. Theresa says:

    Hi, Bryan Mercier, I read your book and I told all of my friends about it and they all wanted to read it to. Also, One of my friends at school doesn’t believe in Jesus. What should I do? thank you. Bye Bye:)

  7. Hi Theresa, I’m glad you liked the book and told your friends about it. High five!! As for your friend who does not believe in Jesus, ask her why she doesn’t believe in Jesus? Does she believe He did not exist at all? Or does she believe he existed, but doesn’t want to follow Him. Listen closely for her reasons, and then answer them the best you can. Maybe re-read chapter 2 and 5 which will help to give you more information about Jesus.
    Let me know how it goes and if you have any more questions. Lastly, pray for her. 😉

  8. Ethan Jepsen says:

    I believe that Brian is wrong with his rant on Mormons. We do not believe in any of that stuff. I would like to chat with Brian to check in on his recourses. The belief about blacks is false. The blacks were not cursed. The people who rebelled were not granted bodies. If anyone would like to learn more you can find me at EthanJepsen12@Gmail.com. I would love to get to know you Brian. Email me.

  9. Eddie Reyes says:

    Hi again Brother Bryan,

    I have a question regarding apologetics/Bible study rules of engagement with family lol! I’m blessed to be part of a mostly Catholic family, some are stronger than others but they’re practicing and learning all the time. Anyway, my sister is a non-denominational something or other Christian along with one of my aunts and her family/cousins. I love them all and like most Mexican families we value family very much but it doesn’t mean we don’t bud heads.
    This Easter Sunday, it’s my Aunts turn (the protestant one) to have Easter at her house and she instructed us to bring a Bible and read a few favorite passages of ours. Should I just choose something warm and fuzzy to read that will make everyone smile or should I bring out the true and heavy artillery that I enjoy so much? -Help!!!

    Thank you,

  10. Sorry that I did not receive this sooner. this has been a crazy month of speaking and traveling for me. I would always being the verses that edify and build up for occasions like this. Build bridges any time you can. Leave the artillery for other occasions when it is needed. The more you can build bridges, relationships, and trust, the more they will be open and listen to you when the time and discussion comes. God bless.
    I fantastic book on bringing friends and family back to the Catholic Church is “Search and Rescue,” by Patrick Madrid. It is excellent, a must read! https://www.amazon.com/Search-Rescue-Family-Friends-Catholic/dp/192883227X

  11. Thank you for your comment Ethan. I am not wrong in what I say here. Feel free to check out my video on this topic which has quotes found in the description section at the top, and many more quotes in the comments section below. Moreover, many Mormons and ex-Mormons said the things in this video are true, or mostly true, but with a few misconceptions. I also backed up what I said with quotes above in the description section and even more in the comments section below.
    I would be happy to discuss this if you wish though.

    Lastly, I would say that the people who were cursed were not granted bodies. You are correct about that. But the people who sinned and did evil on earth received a curse of black skin. That is what the BOM says.

  12. Your mom says:

    You suck ass. Women can do what they please with their bodies. I feel bad for your wife, being with a man that thinks it’s okay to rape women and for them to conceive of offspring against their will. You’re probably a rapist yourself .

  13. Woman cannot do whatever they please with their own bodies, and I will be answering that objection this week in the next blog.
    1ST ERROR: I never said it is OK to rape women. Show me where I said that. Rape is evil. I’m just saying that we don’t give the rapist a death sentence, so why do we give the innocent baby the death sentence.
    2ND ERROR: You, like most people have not spent your life counceling rape victims and so don’t know that abortion hurts them far more than giving birth to the child. I answer this objection in my YouTube video in more detail here. https://youtu.be/E_tLaErGLi0
    I will pray for you. You clearly have anger and issues. Perhaps had an abortion yourself, or helped someone toward having one?

  14. Mary Anne Cleavenger says:

    I heard your interview on Pathways of Learning on the Catholic channel. Awesome! You are a treasure!

  15. Ed Graveline says:

    I have shared quite a few of your videos with friends of mine. So many anti-Catholics out there too. I battle them on FB a lot and they never listen to reason. Soley emotional like you said about ex Catholics. My cousin is one.
    Our ministry, St. Paul Street Evangelization has wonderful instruction on how to evangelize, ten best steps for evangelization, how to heal people in evangelization (we have had hundreds of healings- and had one last Saturday in Marana AZ at a parish festival there. We have published two books. One about the evangelists and the other about healing in evangelization. We have our work cut out for us without a doubt. So many youth leave the faith so soon. And their parents don’t care.

  16. Albie says:

    Mine is not a comment but a prayer request for my sons who have chronic diseases and addiction They are both Catholics but need prayers Thank youalbie

  17. Albie, You got it. We will pry for your children. So sorry to hear it. Anyone who reads this, say a prayer for her sons. Thank you.

  18. Ed, thank you for your comment. I used to do a LOT of street evangelization, and I like St. Paul’s Street evangelization. They are a great group. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing the videos. Hopefully they will bring people back. God bless you!

  19. Steve Jones says:

    I was baptized as a Methodist but never felt a relationship with GOD. I am now 59 and feel that something is missing in my life. I have been looking into the Catholic Church and I am beginning to feel that it is the right path for me. A local church is giving a program called Alpha that I have signed up for on the suggestion of the Catholic education director, it is an introduction to the ways of the Church. Have you heard of this Alpha program? I have discovered you on YouTube and am enjoying your videos very much. I have subscribed and have been watching many of them. Thank you for the great information you share. I have found them very helpful to marking a decision to convert.

  20. Hello Steve, thank you so much for your comment. I am glad that you are finding our videos helpful. Praise God for that. Alpha is a great program and a perfect program for those coming back to God and wanting more of Jesus in their life. The only week I would disagree with is the episode on the “church”. He has a misinformed understanding of church since he is coming from a Protestant background. We used to have our priest preach on church for that week. But the rest of it is great.
    once you decide to become Catholic, the priest will sign you up for RCIA which is the path to becoming Catholic where you can learn all about the church and discern it all. So maybe mention that to the priest too if you are interested.
    If you have any questions on your journey, let us know. But RCIA should answer most of your questions. May God bless you.

  21. Sam says:

    I enjoyed the YouTube on Catholic Crisis. I almost completely agree with all you have said. Only, there’s one very important facet that is destroying our Catholic Faith. Legislation. As parents, we have our rights stripped. We can no longer continue to tell/teach our children what is right and wrong people around them, as well as, in schools, tell children that when they legally become of age (18 in Australia) they are individuals, they are independent and should be able to do what they believe (right or wrong).
    As parents, we have to shut up and let them fall into trouble and leave them be.
    This is a huge failing in our society today. I think this is also a form of Equality, in a different sense. You see, minds, especially young ones, are still developing and interpret ideas as they please, to suit their immature minds.
    A concerned parent.

  22. Anonymous says:

    hello bryan.
    i am a catholic.
    i subscribe on your youtube video.
    can i download your videos and give them subtittles in my mother tongue and then upload them on my youtube channel?
    please respond🙏

  23. Yes you may. As long as you give credit to our channel! God bless.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey brain, all I have watched your video on YouTube and you say content without strong biblical evidences and that is really wrong…. If u say Jesus started the Catholic church why do you say ROMAN CATHOLIC….and many watch wrong interpretation from your video, which is not God really wants…I believe you are wise enough to learn more ping me up

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  28. Anonymous says:

    I am catholic but i am offensive about quran on YouTube and think before you put on Social media and catholic church has nothing d0 with your you tube channels

  29. Anonymous says:

    Think before you put on YouTube about Islam and quran and Muhammad

  30. Leslie M says:

    I Brian, I like your short videos and links to big sites.
    I am a catholic and I have a question from a friend.
    If watching pornography is sin then why isn’t watching murder, killing is not sin?
    Do not Kill is the commandment but we still watch it in the movies.
    Pornography is not mentioned in the Bible yet watching it is considered sin.
    What’s the difference? If watching pornography affects the family, are bachelors exempted from watching it just like watching killings or other evils?

  31. Chief says:

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